Teaching with THRASS

Teachers using THRASS are able to easily cater for multi-level classrooms and support EALD Learners and students with Dyslexia or other Specific Learning Difficulties. It can also be used as an effective adult literacy strategy.

THRASS does not depend on specific intervention with individual learners but focuses on instructing teachers in the technique for whole-class implementation. Rather than being an additional task for an already time-poor teacher to work into a cluttered curriculum, THRASS is designed to form the cornerstone around which the teacher can build their classroom reading and writing activities, spanning all areas of the curriculum.

THRASS does not subscribe to an exclusively workbook model that provides ready-made lesson plans or page-turner worksheets for teachers and learners. Instead teachers can select from a comprehensive suite of print and digital resources to support and enhance their teaching.

THRASS is a cost-effective, whole-school literacy model that is sustainable from foundation onwards. It is most effective as a whole-school approach but can also be used effectively with individuals or in small groups. Successful implementation of THRASS® is dependent on the competence, commitment, skills and knowledge and understanding of the teacher using the pedagogy. As THRASS is a specific approach, professional development is vital. THRASS may be taught by teachers, teacher aides, speech pathologists, home tutors and parents.

The THRASS Institute Phonics Instruction Courses

THRASS is the only comprehensive phonetics teaching process designed specifically as a teacher training program for the teaching of speaking, reading and writing skills in English, as a first or other language.