THRASS Professional Development

THRASS® training provides teachers with the skills and knowledge and understanding needed to explicitly teach literacy from the earliest building blocks to the more advanced tasks.

The THRASS® Institute provides three levels of training in phonetics instruction. A THRASS® Accredited Certificate is issued upon completion of each level. Instruction time is recorded with The THRASS® Institute.

The THRASS® Institute conducts regular training throughout Australasia, in capital cities and major regional centres. Each course type can also be delivered as a whole school in-service. For schools already using THRASS®, our trainers can provide Support, Planning and Demonstration Days and Parent Information Sessions to help ensure the sustainability and success of THRASS® within the school.


The THRASS Institute Phonics Instruction Courses

THRASS is the only comprehensive phonetics teaching process designed specifically as a teacher training program for the teaching of speaking, reading and writing skills in English, as a first or other language.