Meet Chloe and Jack

Chloes is Jack’s big sister. Jack is Chloe’s little brother. Along with their mum and dad, Chloe & Jack are always on the go. Whether they’re working in the garden, spending a day shopping or visiting the museum, a whole lot of fun (and a little bit of trouble) follows…

Building Comprehension

The four books in this series are used to stimulate class discussion about shared reading and spelling activities. The books can be used with learners of different ages and abilities to develop reading, spelling and comprehension skills.

The series is based on 500 keywords know as the ‘THRASS 500’. By reading, spelling and discussing these 500 words, and their extension words, learners gain confidence in their text, sentence and word level literacy skills. Inside the front cover of each Guided Reader are notes for parents based on the detailed guidance for teachers.

Reading for Meaning

This book contains hundreds of questions and answers about the shared readers and guided readers in the THRASS 500 Series. This book can be used with children of different ages and abilities for individual, group or class work.  With younger children, it may be used to develop oral comprehension, while older children may, in addition, progress to written comprehension work.

The questions and answers are arranged in Levels and Sets. The questions are located at the front of the book and the answers at the back. If necessary, the questions and answers can be rephrased to suit the age and ability of your pupils/students.

THRASS Resources

THRASS has an extensive suite of resources that can be used to assist in the successful implementation of THRASS methodology in the learning environment. These ‘teaching tools’ include charts, books, jigsaw puzzles, flashcards and more.