Course Types

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Course Types

There are three types of c­­­ourses currently available. Below is a summary of these. For more detail on each course see our PD brochure.

Foundation Level Course (Two Days)

This two-day course incorporates methodology, philosophy and classroom implementation. This is the entry-level course .

Foundation to Proficiency Level Course (One Day)

This one-day workshop is available to those who have completed the two-day workshop and features consolidation and revision. It is suggested that this course be done at least one school term after completing the Foundation Course. Completion of the Foundation Course (two-day course) is a prerequisite for entry to this course.

Mastery and Lead Level Course (Three Days)

Intending participants must have completed the Foundation Level Course (two-day course) and ideally the Foundation To Proficiency Level as well. They must have worked with THRASS in a practical application for at least one school term. This three-day course is designed to further increase participants’ skills and knowledge of THRASS and equip them for leadership/mentoring.

How can I do a Thrass Course?

All of the above courses may be completed at one of our venues or as an in-school inservice.

See this website for details or email