The THRASS Institute Phonics Instruction Courses

THRASS is an explicit phonographic approach to teaching reading and spelling skills to learners of any age. It is dependent on the competence, commitment and understanding of the teacher using the pedagogy, and because of its specific learning technique should not be combined with other more widely used and out-dated, letter-to-sound programs. The THRASS methodology has been designed to provide teachers with a multisensory, phonographic methodology, to deliver positive learning outcomes in the literacy skills that are critical for mastering the other cornerstones of basic education.

THRASS is designed to build both content, and pedagogical knowledge. THRASS is the only comprehensive phonetics teaching process designed specifically as a teacher training program for the teaching of speaking, reading and writing skills in English, as a first or other language.

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Certificate 1
Foundation Level Course

This course has been designed to give an understanding of the phonetic principles of English and their practical application. Participants receive the Introduction and Implementation Certificate.

Course Structure: 9 hours of instruction over two consecutive days.


Certificate 2
Foundation to Proficiency Course

This course has been designed to further develop teaching strategies for the implementation of the THRASS SPP into the classroom. This course has been structured to revise, consolidate and extend the knowledge gained from the Foundation Level. Completion of the Foundation Level course is a prerequisite for entry to this course.

Course Structure: 4.5 hours of instruction over one day.


Certificate 3 
Mastery & Lead Level Course

This three-day course has been designed for those who wish to further extend their knowledge of THRASS.

On completion of this course, participants will have an advanced knowledge of the philosophy, teaching methodology and linguistics of THRASS. Completion of this course will enable the holder to mentor and support others in the implementation of THRASS within their own school.


Whole School In-Service

Unfortunately since phonics has officially re-entered the national agenda many poorly grounded, unsustainable and counterproductive ‘phonic’ programs have emerged/re-emerged. By doing a THRASS course you’ll put your teachers ‘ahead of the game’ in terms of content, skills and sustainable strategies, thereby greatly increasing their chances of helping learners to avoid reading and spelling problems.


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