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The THRASS Institute are proud supporters of Network Teach and welcome members to take advantage of this special discount rate. Even if your school doesn’t use THRASS, the phonics and linguistic knowledge provided in THRASS training is vital to teaching literacy skills and is relevant to any classroom and at any age level.

THRASS Foundation Level Course

This two-day course has been designed to give an understanding of the phonetic and linguistic principles of English and their practical application. Participants receive the THRASS Introduction and Implementation Certificate.

Course Objectives

Provide participants with an initial introduction to –
•  Linguistic concepts and terminology
•  Explicit phonics teaching using the THRASS charts and resources
•  Explicit teaching of oral language skills
•  Explicit teaching of written language skills
•  Explicit teaching of basic grammar skills
•  Introduction to the MASUTA spelling model
•  Strategies for implementation of the THRASS SPP into the classroom

Each participant will receive a complimentary course pack which includes the THRASS Teachers manual, THRASS Resource Kit CD, a variety of THRASS Charts and other sample materials.

Course Details

$495pp $250 pp

Mon 18 & Tues 19 November 2019
Mon 13 & Tues 14 January 2020

Quest Innaloo, 1 Sunray Drive, Innaloo WA 6018.

2 days (9 PD hours)

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