T-106 Overwrite Chart (Desk Size)

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This chart has two sides. Firstly the TRACE OVER THE GRAPHEMES side. The act of overwriting the correct grapheme for a word that has been incorrectly spelled, helps the learner recall the spelling choice and recognise it when reading. If a letter or letter string is a Grapheme Catch-All or non-phonographic letter string, learners use the letter-boxes to overwrite the grapheme. To practise the segmentation and blending of phonemes in words, overwrite the relevant graphemes in the correct phoneme-boxes. Secondly the TRACE OVER THE LETTERS AND GCAs side. Use this side of the chart with tracks 10 & 11 of the RAPS AND SEQUENCES CD (T-151). Arrows on each letter show the learner where to start the letter and in which direction to go. The wording on the CD mimics the wording on the chart. Overwrite the letters starting at the dot and following the direction indicated by the arrows. This is not a photocopiable resource.