T-149 Magnetic Graphemes


T-149 Magnetic Graphemes

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The tiles are large enough to be used with a whole class, small groups or individuals. Consonant Graphemes are printed in blue and Vowel Graphemes are printed in red. Whether you are looking at a single word or a list of similar words, you can use the tiles to teach about ?

  • graphs, digraphs and trigraphs i.e. one, two and three-letter spelling choices
  • blends/clusters by selecting two or three of the blue tiles
  • syllables by selecting a red tile for each vowel phoneme
  • reading errors i.e. when we may say the wrong phoneme i.e. the ‘ea’ in teach is not the same as in bread
  • spelling errors i.e. when we select the wrong grapheme so ‘teech’ is an understandable spelling choice 

The tiles are presented in a tough plastic container.

ISBN # 978 1 876424 49 7

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