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T-124 Phoneme-Grapheme Cards

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These may be used alone or with the PHONEME-GRAPHEME BIG BOOK (T-21) and RAPS AND SEQUENCES CD (T-151). With practice your learners will be able to look at the pictures on the cards and, before flipping over a card: say the phonemes in the word; say the word then name the letters. An added feature is a colour-coded border that matches a particular page in the Phoneme-Grapheme Big Book. This facilitates easy identification of the card for a particular word or when you are developing awareness for a specific phoneme. The cards are presented in a tough plastic container.


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ISBN: 9781876424244

Additional Resource Information

Additional Information

This resource is housed in a sturdy and durable plastic case. All cards are printed on a thick card for added durability. There are a total of 122 cards in each pack.

Product Specifications

123mm(W) x 123mm(D) x 123mm(H)

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