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T-189 Magnetic Picture Tiles

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These 120 magnetic picture tiles use colour versions of the THRASS key pictures from the THRASS PICTURECHART. Each tile is 80mm wide X 75mm deep (same size as the digraph tiles in the Magnetic Graphemes). Each tile has a magnet on the rear for use on magnetic boards, however they are also useful for tabletop and floor work with small groups or individuals

These tiles can be used for many activities including teaching and reinforcing the THRASSCHART, using with the THRASS Early readers to retell stories, using with the THRASS Magnetic Graphemes to form words etc.


© This is not a photocopiable resource.

ISBN: 1876424893

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Additional Information

This resource is housed in a sturdy and durable plastic case.

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Each tile is 80mm wide X 75mm deep

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