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T-197 MASUTA Cards

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High Frequency Word Cards

These cards have been developed to teach the reading and spelling of the essential high frequency words - those words that are the ‘grammar glue’ of English. These words are the most frequently used words in early reading and writing, yet are often not explicitly taught and as such cause difficulties for fluency in reading. Although these words are the most frequently used words, they are also the most commonly misspelt by learners.

These cards provide explicit understanding of each phoneme to grapheme correspondence and feature the THRASS Phoneme Fist to identify and count the phonemes in each word.  Each word is ‘THRASSed’ out using the THRASS word analogy. On the reverse side of each card the word has been written in a sentence also featuring the THRASS words. Learners read and write these sentences to practise both high frequency words and the THRASSWORDS.


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ISBN: 9781876424978

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