The THRASS Charts were designed to be a multisensory teaching tool for accessing the 44 phonemes of spoken English and the 120 most common graphemes of written English. Various themes have been incorporated into the charts for use in teaching oral and written language skills and basic grammar skills.

The various THRASS Charts have been designed to enable the user to explain the spelling of words, develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, and make good comparisons and judgments when reading and spelling unfamiliar words.

THRASS uses Sassoon Infant font.

Phonemic Awareness. What is it? Why is it important?

Knowing and having instant recall of a mathematics tables chart is a vital part of teaching and learning mathematics. Likewise, Knowing and having instant recall of the THRASS Charts is a vital part of teaching words for both reading and spelling.

When learners have instant recall of the words common graphs, digraphs and trigraphs for each of the 44 phonemes of English, they are able to competently learn to spell and read more complex words.

Chart knowledge and its specific application are integral to literacy learning when using the THRASS teaching methodology.

The THRASS Chart is a very powerful tool for those who have been trained to use it correctly.