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The THRASS Institute (Australasia & Canada) is an Australian based company that has developed a Specific Pedagogical Practise (SPP) for the teaching of literacy, marketed as THRASS – an acronym for ‘Teaching Handwriting, Reading And Spelling Skills’.

THRASS is a phonetics teaching-tool that has made a paradigm shift in the teaching of phonetics. It has a phonographic, multisensory focus, complemented by an analogous learning model that makes reading and spelling acquisition much simpler, faster and more sustainable than conventional ‘phonic’ approaches. As a classroom strategy THRASS is fun, systematic, explicit and linguistically correct.


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– Exceed ACARA benchmarks using an evidence-based, phonographic teaching approach

– Facilitate a cost-effective whole school literacy model that is sustainable from foundation onwards 

– Cater for multi-level classrooms and support ESL learners and students with Dyslexia or other specific learning disabilities 

– Enhance your subject knowledge through regular professional development 

– Support your teaching with a comprehensive suite of print and digital resources