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T-149 Magnetic Graphemes

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These tiles can be used for many activities including teaching and reinforcing the THRASSCHART. Use with the THRASS Early Readers to retell stories and with the THRASS MAGNETIC GRAPHEMES to form words etc.

The tiles are large enough to be used with a whole class, small groups or individuals. Consonant Graphemes are printed in blue and Vowel Graphemes are printed in red. Whether you are looking at a single word or a list of similar words, you can use the tiles to teach about:

    • graphs, digraphs and trigraphs i.e. one, two and three-letter spelling choices

    • blends/clusters by selecting two or three of the blue tiles

    • syllables by selecting a red tile for each vowel phoneme

    • reading errors i.e. when we may say the wrong phoneme i.e. the 'ea' in teach is not the same as in bread

    • spelling errors i.e. when we select the wrong grapheme so 'teech' is an understandable spelling choice 

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ISBN: 9781876424497

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This resource is housed in a sturdy and durable plastic case. All cards are printed on a thick card for added durability.

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