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T-188 Hotwords Chart (Desk Size)

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Desk-size A4 flipchart.

Say goodbye to ‘Sight Words’ by using these innovative HOTWORDS CHARTS to simplify your teaching of the essential High Frequency words (commonly referred to as sight words). These charts provide for the systematic teaching of the High Frequency words in their phonics families. Accelerate your learners’ reading and writing by providing an understanding of common and frequent patterns in High Frequency words.

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ISBN: 9781876424886

Additional Resource Information

Additional Information

Side 1 mirrors the THRASS Vowel Chart, with 258 high frequency words charted according to the first vowel phoneme. Flipside, side 2 facilitates the teaching of everyday words, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Seasons, Colours, Family, Shapes and Numbers. Again these words have consonant phonemes/graphemes printed in blue and vowel phonemes printed in red.

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Chart Size: 29.7cm(w) x 21cm(h)

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